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Cultural Void

January 10, 2004

It is sad, but it is a reality. And I know it all too well. Something many of us whites must contend with is a sense of cultural loss and disconnectedness from our ancestral root. Why?

Because we have founded our culture on lies. We cannot freely and rightfully claim what is ours because most of it was stolen from other nations that sacrificed their own to build up our wealth. Deep down we know this. The average white person carries around quite a guilt complex, for to admit to what has been done in their name is to account for all the blood that has been spilled, wars that have been raged, resources that have been plundered in order to keep the status quo alive and well, and continue to live a life of privilege, and comfort at the expense of others.

But what has yet to be realized is the price that has been paid. The white man has had to separate himself from the realities of his own culture. He has had to distort his history to keep the ugly truth hidden. He has had to fabricate lies to create a false sense of well being. The average white person has had to fill their heads with so much trivial junk just in order to distract him or herself from dealing with many of the hard-core issues concerning the world today.

What this has done has made us sterile. We have lost our cultural identity and connection to our authentic natural root, our ancient history, and our divine source. We are the blandest of any culture, void of myth, symbols, and spirit. We lack depth and are most shallow. We invest in temporary pleasures because we know nothing of our eternal selves. We seek instead quick gratification to fill the empty void. We turn to religion to give us some sense of a spiritual self but in my opinion, modern religion is nothing more than a skeleton. It is a whisper in the wind, an echo of our primordial selves. People go to whatever church, mosque, or synagogue, to feel good for a hot second, pay dues to alleviate their guilt, then go right back out to live a life rife with ignorance, void of who they truly are in the grand scheme of things.

There is so much to be realized when studying one's true history. Returning all the way back to the beginning of our human origins helps us to understand who we are in light of the world. Learning what really happened, how it happened, and why it happened helps one to put things into its proper context, and thusly one's Self. We whites have huge gaps in our history because most of it has been distorted, and now, to finally know the truth of our history raises the bar to hold this generation to some form of accountability. It is not acceptable to plead innocence when you still profit and benefit from what blood has gained. There is too much evidence contrary to what people are being fed and told to plead "not guilty." It is a tactical form of denial to refuse to believe that you had nothing to do with what your ancestors did. We are accomplices by perpetuating the lie, by doing nothing, by allowing the status quo to remain, by being color blind. By choosing not to confront racism we implicitly contribute to the superior attitudes that gave rise to it in the first place.

The only way to overcome the nasty legacy of what imperialism, colonialism, and slavery have left behind in its wake is to face these issues head to head. Look hard and call it what it is. See the effects from the people who bear the brunt the most and who tell the story from legitimate experiences. Listen and look at how we still contribute to this day with subtle and overt forms of ignorance simply by the nature of our own attitudes, thinking and actions. Seek solutions to help change the status quo.

Yes... we were birthed into this existence for a reason. Our racial cultural histories all have something to contribute and learn from past, present and future generations to come.

May this generation use the age of information to better inform themselves and truly break the chains of ignorance. Then and only then can we return back in good conscious and claim what is ours to rightfully claim within our culture, and draw to us that which lie within our true authentic ancestral roots, our natural divine selves, free and unencumbered.

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