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Start with thy Self

January 18, 2004

The only way anyone can be a vehicle for change is from the inside out. It does no good to harbor ideals yet lack the necessary experience to carry meaningful actions through. This is like a clanging gong. Something we see ALL the time...people spouting empty rhetoric with no idea how to implement what they speak. This is why one sees and hears lots of talk with no substantive actions…only wheels spinning in the mud.
"One of the ways racism/sexism is perpetuated is person to person, generation to generation of misinformation and ignorance"...
And this attests to just how powerful one person can be. They can affect change one way or the the greater or lesser of humanity's legacy. Once ones begin to consciously develop and become aware of the many injustices behooves each one to start looking within their own selves to see how each contributes to the status quo. WE can only truly change ourselves...but in doing so; we also possess the capability to stir up huge ripple effects. Sometimes one never knows who's at a point of real and true receptivity, and is paying great attention to what ones are doing. That is why doing ones' best in ALL things is very, very there are indeed many effects to what one consciously and unconsciously does.

My experience is that doors open and opportunities always avail to do affect must first be grounded in their true center to really speak from authority and be a true mover and motivator for change on a larger scale.

In reading one of the online chats from Mutabaruka's site...this piece really spoke to is in reference to the poet...but it also applies to so much more...
"the poet must not put himself in the place of a Christ a prophet or a politician. The first thing is to express your feelings and your ideas about a given situation, you should not try to write poems to change things, you should write poems to express your ideas. The thing about my ideas is that it opposes the system so it would appear that I am deliberately sitting to write to oppose the system but it is my ideas."
- Mutabaruka
What this said to me...and which seems to apply here, is to express from your own true Self. Not to set out to change the world with a preformed set of ideals...No. But in expressing from the true Self...whatever that may be...will indeed serve its rightful purpose and be a deliberate action towards serving the higher objective of one's true call...which might indeed appear to be in opposition to the system and status quo simply by nature of being true to one's authentic Self.

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