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The Many Faces of Delusion

February 21, 2004

Delusion is a many-tentacled beast. It wears many masks to cover its ugly mugly face lest it be seen for what it really and truly is.

Stalking in the darkness of its host's shadows it lurks underneath the hooded shroud to capture willy-nilly flights of fancy and strap its happy face (mask) onto unwitting the forms of gullible beings. Yes...much more palatable and acceptable an image to outwardly project than the real one that lies under the protective hood.

Let me paint a smiley face on you it say. Got quite a satchel of faces to fit almost any situation. You will almost believe in the face you are wearing...for such is the power of illusions and false beliefs. For it is said "so as a man or woman thinketh...there he or she is." Herein lies the power of the mask. Think what you will and give it what you want.

Ahh...but what do you want? That is the question. Come fill this image with your desire… it will breathe life into this form of fancy and come alive. Whatever you want is what it will be. It is the host and vessel for your projections. Pour what you like, what you want, whatever it is that you feel you need, and it will project itself into whomever or whatever you wish, whenever you so feel the need. When you are down and out, or feeling vulnerable, it comes in handy.

Just don't...walk under the light of truth. For if you do...all will melt away and you will be seen for what you truly are...which is not always a pretty sight to see. Without your protective mask your face will be exposed and your skin will become raw and burned from the harsh brilliance of the light. Delusion is like your make-up, your sunscreen, and covers up to protect those nasty unsightly blemishes. as you will...the choice is always yours as to how you wish to be seen, and most importantly, who you really are.

Indeed...yet what delusion fails to mention is that after the raw and burned skin peels away from being burned and exposed to the light comes healing. The layers pon layers of old dry and flaky skin needed to go in order for the new skin to grow smooth and elastic to reveal one's natural beauty and radiant features. Truth reveals one's ultimate beauty free from the ugly fake masks that delusion seeks to cover-up and keeps away from its host's awareness.

Let the Light shine...and expose all that needs to come under the brilliance of the sun... incinerate all delusions of the false self and burn its many masks. I submit to the flame and stand raw and exposed to reveal what remains and rises from the ashes.

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