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Comfort Class

July 12, 2003

America... there is a price to pay... greater than the mighty dollar can ever re-pay nor compensate for the greed and lust of this filthy nation... hands tainted by blood and wickedness.

This government/country is built upon the very foundation of its own lies, deceit, and arrogance in order to prop up its enormous material interest at the expense of itself and other nations. More and more valuable resources are stolen, gleaned, raped, plundered, to acquire more and more and MORE to satisfy a never contented belly...belly of the Beast!... FEED ME.. it say as its hunger remains insatiable and feeds off all it can consume from the world around can this be continually justified?...let alone maintained?

Landfills full to overflowing blow a foul breeze as the stench hang thick in the air. Attempts to make things look pretty on the outside by planting grass and dieing trees over and on top of the ever growing mountains do little to conceal the rot and decay that lie underneath the sky reaching domes. So they try to spray (I don't know what) all over the rolling cascades to diffuse and disperse the rank and foul odor...but the wind still blow and the nose still knows the stink is rank no matter what gets sprayed. Now you got synthetic toxic chemicals added to the scented potpourri mix, and scavenger birds seem to love it even still, as huge flocks of seagulls descend amongst the mighty mountains of garbage in massive white waves from this never ending throw away society where landfills are becoming quite a symbol of greed and lustful decadence.

Refuse is BIG business these days.

As the land gets gobbled up to make room for more houses, the houses get bigger, more like mini mansions to house and make room for more stuff ... yes... endless amounts of trivial stuff.

Consumerism is a mighty beast that knows no bounds and is like a monster that cannot be stopped. The strong blood red current continues to flow from the many sacrificial lambs slain upon the altar of humanity to pay for the almighty comfort of the greedy self. Just how much does one need anyway? And do ones ever consider the real cost? How much comfort is truly enough to satisfy?

This bulimic nation is sliding down on the vomit of its own gluttonous appetite... starving much of its own body in order to gorge another... yet what it doesn't realize... is what it do to one part of the body... it do to the whole... and the body AS a whole is suffering from the ignorant blindness of the comfort class... where never is enough and exploitation of every available resource has become this nation's occupation... quite literally!

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