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Higher Forms of Being

July 13, 2003

After acquiring many external forms of being... I have eventually come to a new place... a place where the forms that once were... no longer need be... and let me tell you... it is a good place, and attests to a much higher "form" of being, as each of the lower external forms fall by the wayside... one by one.

What then transpires is freedom... freedom to let go... freedom to walk lighter... freedom to simply be as the Almighty created one to be... authentic and beautiful... the real essence of true beauty... one that cannot be worn nor applied.

I began to realize, that often times these very things that we get all wrapped, trapped, and invested in, and then project outwards to represent our Selves, are false images of insecure illusions... a mask to hide the real Self. In coming into fuller realizations of who we really are, often times we must contrast ourselves to that which we think is right at the time... and then move towards the greater truths, and let go of the lesser false truths every step of the way... allowing the question always to remain.... "Why"... why am I doing this?... and what is the real motivation behind it?

Many things and ways of being serve only as the vehicle to get there and are not by any means, the end destination nor representative of who we actually are. In grasping Truth and understanding why it is important to let go of external forms, we move closer to our essential Self. One does not have to look, nor act a certain way in order to Be. One must simply recognize and claim the Truth they know and see right in front of them... and then move towards it by acting pon the highest Truth that speaks clearly to the Soul. By natural process and order, and in the right order, Self will simply and automatically fall into place... harmoniously, and in proper balance/alignment... and be what it was magnificently created to Be. No need to advertise, promote, nor put one's Self on display... just be... Be from what you know and from where you are... and in doing so... you free yourself from the conditional thinking that says you must be like this... or do it like that... or wear this certain kind of clothing... or speak in that certain way... in order to justify who you are or to feel acknowledged by any other person other than your Self.

It is your birthright to shine brilliantly, gloriously, and beautifully, in any form of style that is right for YOU!

But you must first claim it... for it is only yours to claim!

If we are willing to examine all things in the scope of Spiritual Light... and base ourselves from that reference point... we will indeed see who we really are in that Light... and begin to claim and act upon each and every essential Truth that awaits our awareness. Then and only then can the external forms of our lower Beings begin to fall away... and the true essential higher Self can stand tall in any manner of form or style of Being!

From: Ras Tyehimba

We see so many people competing for 'energy' and 'power', needing to trample, demoralize and conquer others to feel good about their own self. It is from this type of insecurity and ignorance of self that makes people feel that they need to be justified and validated by those in the society. People project images that they would like themselves to be viewed as, that often are not genuine characteristics of themselves. Material possessions, (mis) education, money are some of the things people use to give them that egotistical boost over others.

In the expansive infinite nature of self, the external validations matters less and less, and it is possible to feel contented whatever the physical situation is. Rain or sunshine it is a good day.

From: Tracey

From the moment we open our eyes and see the light from outside the womb...the Mind begins to assimilate the world around it. Over the years it can take on quite a few pseudo multifaceted forms and layers. For most, the mind takes on a "conditioned" state of awareness.

The world "thought system" continually projects its beliefs onto fertile minds that absorb the world around it. The mind is assaulted daily with grand delusions of false images. Is it any wonder then, to see so many chameleonized versions of the pseudo Self, walking around looking for validation in a house full of mirrors?

The ego wants to believe in what it sees, as it tries to conform to the images it thinks best reflects and represents the Self by aligning with the images it deems worthy to project and characterize itself. It is here where we see the many symbols and travesties of the Self through the exhibiting of itself within its version of external beauty, where try as one may, it but only serves as a poor and shallow substitute for the real deal.

True "authentic Self"...aligns with the Source of creation whose real beauty radiates no matter how crude, plain, or lovely the form... for it is not dependent upon what the physical eye sees in the ego/body illusion, but is rather more attuned and aware to the higher functions of it's human form to serve as Host for divinity... where no earthly matter, nor worldly entity can ever contain its light or diminish its glorious beauty from within... as it then reflects outwards )))

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