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Beauty and Hair

My sister just got all her dreads cut off... they were long and beautiful... and with it, came off alot of weight... by weight, I mean alot of the extra things we carry pon our shoulders within this trod... she now is lighter and freer because she realize many beautiful things about herself beyond her long and lovely dreaded hair... so alot of things also went off with the hair... and she is more radiante then ever, and shine the Light from within unencumbered by releasing herself from the mere externals and symbols of hair.

It also make me reflect about my most recent bout with hair and how I had put alot of emphasis and meaning on such, of what it is to get caught up in the bodily externals of so-called beauty and/or symbolizm that we so often get ensnared by, trying to project ourselves through our hair, and other certain manners of style.

Not so long ago, I stood tall and strode lean, long, and strong..and whip my hair like that of a mighty Lion...with long wild flowing curls... ha!... indeed... smile... for such was the journey of the ego/body illusion that got hooked on displaying externals to project a certain style of co-creation made in the image of the ALL mighty ego... hmmmm

and so it go... and so it grow... until one day... it simply stop.

So then a friend say... Tracey, all you need is a trim...I trim it for free for you, and it will grow healthier, longer, and stronger... wow... of course - sounds great! For I wanted hair down to my azzz... Well, this scissors happy friend a mine proceeded to cut over 10 inches off my wild luscious Lion's mane, to where it bob just over the top of the shoulder!. hmmmmm... yet, what this friend also didn't realize, is that she cut about 10 inches off my false ego, as I began to real-eyes that the pride within one's hair does not even touch, nor determine the character, quality, and integrity of the person that wears whatever style of hair... in fact... quite the contrary!

This society supports and emphasises such material weight on how we look... it makes millions off our vanity while we continue to suffer in silence as we compare ourselves again and again to the images that we "think" are more beautiful, or have better forms of style... and then we try to "become like"... in what we think is important for us to be seen, heard, or acknowledged... in short... we sell ourselves out.

Yet what we often overlook is what little value we place on ourselves, and how often we dismiss the very things that are essential and necessary to bring forth and from the fullness of our magnitude from within the very depths of our own unique and incredible beauty... (which truly is WAY more than skin deep)... we constantly sell ourselves short in favor of our own self inflicted flase images of projected illuisions... and so suffer in dillusions of low self worth/esteem based on many ambiguous factors at best.

And so...All things work together for the good... as the many lessons come in the forms of scissors...*(wink)

If I might share a meditation from the Course In Miracles.

The Body as Means or End
"The body exists in a world that seems to contain two voices fighting for its possession. In this percieved constellation the body is seen capable of shifting its allegiance from one to the other, making the concepts of both healing and sickness meaningful. The ego makes fundamental confusion between means and end as it always does. Regarding the body as an end, the ego has no real use for it because it is not an end. You must have noticed an outstanding characteristic of every end that the ego has accepted as its own. For when you have finally achieved it, it has not satisfied you. This is why the ego is forced to shift ceaselessly from one goal to another, so that you will continue to hope that it can yet again, offer you something more."
...hmm... indeed... and so now that the hair has finally reached the bottom of the azzzz... has it finally reached the state of wanting nothing more from itself?... being completely satisfied?... smile... thanks be...we have so much more to draw upon from within the very essence of our own Uniquely Created Divine Beautiful Selves!

....where body is but merely a means to serve the glorious end.

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