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July 2003
by Tracey

We come as we are... with who we are ... the very essence and core of life...indeed... there is no running away... what is there to run from?... we learn and grow from all things... past, present, and future...

Each of us have much to offer in this here journey... this spiritual walk... created wondrous in the image of the Most High... Divine abstraction in the most magnificence of essential form...

Truly we cannot be something we are not... for each is created unique for a purpose beyond the limited comprehension of the material sphere... our physical, our spiritual, our mental... ALL is good and worthy in the sight of the Almighty... bring it ALL to the table... let us sit and reason HIGH with who we are in the fullest measure of our lovely beings... uplift... build...and respect our unique houses we are precious

every single one )))

Every experiance has the opportunity to teach us the essence of our own essential truth and knowledge... about life, about who we are within... it is through our sharing, these reasonings, and relating to all living things that deepens this well of great overstandings ... for although one can know and harness mass quantities of information... it is but true knowledge that rests pon the trod of one's experiance... where the river runs deep... the ultimate source of wisdom.


Wise discernment lends depth, integrity, and character to one's abiltity to choose correctly... ye shall know them by their fruit... the fruits of them Spirits... is it bitter or sweet? ... fragrant or foul... how doth the wind blow?... one must choose every step of the way on how one will conduct themselves..and even more so... how one will respond?... wisely? fruitfully? constructively?... productively?...

Acting with BEST intentions in all things IS essential to furthering thy works

It is this very foundation that finds groundation within the very precepts and principles that one chooses to live by... the core values that give meaning to Self that sustains a way of life revealing essence... nourishing spirit... stimulating growth through each and every step of the way...

As the life's journey unfolds and reveals its essence of the I Self... INI become part and particle of the greater Whole... back to the Ivine Source of universal creation.

Let us be mindful in every thought, word, deed and action .. let us listen, learn, and grow from all our shared, collective, experiances and knowledge... let us discern wisely for the betterment of everyone... let us not laugh at anyone... least of all make fun of dem and how they might TRY to express difficult issues...let us uplift and build... teach and educate in the truest sense of its spiritually profound and raspectful meaning...

what I do unto you...I do unto I Self

...let it be so.

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