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Littleness vs Magnitude

Excerpts from: Course in Miracles

"Be not content with littleness. But be sure you understand what littleness is, and why you could never be content with it. Littleness is the offering you give yourself. You offer this in place of magnitude, and you accept it. Everything in this world is little because it is a world made out of littleness, in the strange belief that littleness can content you. When you strive for anything in this world in the belief that it will bring you peace, you are belittling yourself and blinding yourself to glory. Littleness and glory are the choices open to your striving and your vigilance. You will always choose one at the expense of the other." Full Article

Acting 'pon One's Best

July 2003

We come as we are... with who we are ... the very essence and core of life...indeed... there is no running away... what is there to run from?... we learn and grow from all things... past, present, and future... Each of us have much to offer in this here journey... this spiritual walk... created wondrous in the image of the Most High... Full Article

Responsibility as a Person

July 2003

I can only speak from who I am... with whom Jah create me to be... and it is here... within the fullness of His spectrum that indeed bears much responsibility to a life that walks with the breath of consciousness and a free will to choose every single step, of every single action, along the way.... indeed... much is to be considered in all things. Full Article

Happiness... a State of Consciousness

July 19, 2003

Correct thinking leads to correct actions. Correct actions lead to happiness while still alive. This is the highest goal: the attainment of the heights of self mastery while still alive. In this way life is LIVED to the fullest. Full Article

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