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July 27, 2003
by Tracey

I can only speak from who I am... with whom Jah create me to be... and it is here... within the fullness of His spectrum that indeed bears much responsibility to a life that walks with the breath of consciousness and a free will to choose every single step, of every single action, along the way.... indeed... much is to be considered in all things.

One cannot re-write the annals of history but rather learn the profound lessons from the past and apply its wisdom to the present. One might indeed choose another way to proceed forwards... and in some instances... return to a way that must never be forgotten. Every single moment in time has a meaning and purpose I reveal to us every aspect of human nature... from its profound incredible beauty to its unimaginable horrific ugliness. Wide ends of the spectrum from end to end that is this world's purpose... to provoke a human response. Here, one can choose and develop spiritually or languish in the pits of ignorance. These are the mighty lessons of our spiritual journey that can speak highly to our human integrity and potentialities...or attest lowly to our detestable character flaws, ignorance, and lack thereof.

I believe that what we see before our very eyes this day is the manifestation of our collective human choices. The surface issues are but a reflection and culmination of those choices that beget an answer to the deeper questions that lie beneath the very reasonings and motives behind the psychological mind that gave rise to the thought systems of the world... indeed... who are we... what are we... and what is this life about??

Experiences and observations will teach us well if we avail ourselves to truly look and see... and learn.

There is a great responsibility we owe to ourselves and to each other to act in consciousness from what we know, and from who we are... this is our greatest challenge... to be true to our authentic Selves... and act on the highest Truth from whoever we are, wherever we are. Therefore, it is vital to know thyself and start from this point in development.

Africans can only decide for themselves the fate and state of their own internal affairs. How to proceed forwards within the context of their own conscious development and history from what they alone know, have experienced, and now see best within directing their own course of action for themselves. European descendents must also decide for themselves how to deal with the bloodied history of the colonial mentality that continues to assault much of the globe this day...(the new word being "democracy") with its greed and arrogance, of which we now find ourselves undeservedly benefiting from off the oppressed backs of other nations in order to feed such an insatiable gluttonous hunger. It is important to realize how we choose to direct our course of actions will determine much the success or failure of our we now have greater access to more information than ever one must overstand the implications of accountability as revealed from one's own point of perspective. Different issues can only be rightfully addressed by those who experience first hand the direct consequences of their own history, and then choose conscious actions based upon what they know... from each of their own different spectrums within the lens.

So the question is... What are we each to do respectively, with what we now know? ... indeed... responsibility of sight bears much to be reckoned with... and the fruits of our actions will decide our collective fate.

It is important to know history.... real history... not bogus history taught in the dysfunctional educational school systems. The more I open my eyes to it, the more I realize the impact it has on my overall understandings and development of my universal and earthly Self and how it relates to all others. The Big picture can then best be viewed in its entirety, and in greater context...from human origins on up to the present point of time and being. One can then proceed forwards better informed... hopefully choosing better actions that will contribute positively to best serve the greater Good. If we could only but realize what we do unto ourselves we do unto each other. Individual responsibility is each man's and woman's alone... as free will is our birthright and will determine much the course of our actions.

Greed is a nasty seed that has taken deep root in this day and age. Its branches reach far and wide and span the four corners of the globe digging into every conceivable inch. Like an overgrowth of unruly weeds it but tries to choke out young nubile seedlings reaching for the nourishment of light. Thanks be the Light is far more stronger for those seeds with eyes to see that can grow tall in spite of unruly weeds... for their root draws its source from another well. Yes, Babylon is going down, down to the ground as it chokes on its own greed and never contented consumption... but who will go down with it?? Ahhhh yes... here-in lies the ultimate question!

Indeed... it is time to blaze up the fire and purify the Souls and Minds of All who must bear response-ability for each own's sight.

((( A man will indeed reap what he sows!)))

Posted by Rootsie

I don't think reggae and Rasta claim the superiority of one race over another, but whites experience it this way. I remember when I was about the same age and I read Malcolm X talking about the white devil, thinking now what does that have to do with me? Well what I know now is that it has EVERYTHING to do with me, whether I like it or not, if I don't make it my life's work to break this white supremacy which has mashed black people down. There are many layers to this white privilege of ours, and if you proceed from here with honesty you will see more and more. No white person can say with authority:I don't hold any racist attitudes. I'm 46 now, and still things come up and slap me in the face.

One Love and global unity are worthy goals, but they are hard work! People come here all the time and tell black people they are 'racist' for being angry at whites, racist for not being able to let go of the past and blah and blah. Well the racist system is NOT of the past, and we all suffer with it, and I think our job for our own growth as human beings is to live the kind of life that bears witness to our commitment to One Love. Like I said it means work, and using the privileges we have been given and don't deserve to work toward the education of other whites. It is the only way I can see for a white person to have a life of integrity.

When black people celebrate their blackness white people get uncomfortable, and feel attacked and unwelcome. There are black people who strongly feel that there is no place in Rasta for whites, and by and large I think they are right. There is no place in Rasta for whites who do not want to look at some very uncomfortable realities, and translate their understandings into positive action.

History is crucial! Everybody has to come to see that as little as 60,000 years ago we were ALL African. Then we have to question why this history we are taught tells us that Africa holds a minor place in the world. We cannot become black, but we can live our lives according to ancient African values, which are HUMAN values, and look at what is happening in the world through that lens. Africa is the mamaland of every human being. So does that make her superior? Well it makes her PRIMARY at least.

Africans don't need for us to tell them much things, but we need to reason among ourselves to come to this teaching in the proper respectful way. Questions yes, attempts to hijack the flow with declarations of One Love and human unity NO.

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