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July 19, 2003

Excerpts from:
Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment
by Muata Abhaya Ashby


Correct thinking leads to correct actions. Correct actions lead to happiness while still alive. This is the highest goal: the attainment of the heights of self mastery while still alive. In this way life is LIVED to the fullest.

Yoga Philosophy helps us to have no illusions about true happiness. It can be ours, but only on one condition.. that we work to purify our minds as well as our bodies. When we are disillusioned by all that is temporary and transient in this world, we will search for stability. Stability or steadfastness is the most important element of happiness.

Once true happiness is found, it will never be lost. Regardless of the situation, rich or poor, scorned or famous, we will be above human frailities.

To be truly happy, we must have a stable point to hold onto permantly so we will never loose our balance. That center is within ourselves and once we know it, we can always return to it.

If through ignorance we don't know how to think about things or how to act and feel, we will become uneasy, afraid, and at the mercy of every situation that arises. Happiness is a state of consciousness, a way of understanding, thinking, feeling and behaving. It is an attitude we can learn through the study and knowledge of a science which we can put into practice right here and now. If we do, we will learn how to appreciate our existance every second, every hour, and every day on earth, and beyond.

Understanding things as they really are will help us act as we should. This in turn will make us happy.


Hmmm...once again...the natural order of things revealed. Many is the time we want to skip jump to the the desired result without doing the necessary work in the right order to get there, and will choose poor subsitutes with fleeting effects for our temporal objects of desire, hoping to still achieve the desired end result it any wonder why things such as real happiness remain so illusive?

Our Spirits commune constantly with the cosmic forces of the universe...calling out the desired needs of our Souls on our behalf...when we are ready..the door will present itself..even offering us the very keys needed to unlock and walk through. But what we must overstand is that we must come correct..with correct every step towards this door is a conscious, deliberate, and intentional choice every step of the way.. We determine what will open to us, and what will remain hidden or closed by our very choices. When choosing correctly and in the right order...we then move ourselves closer and closer to the true and Divine essence of the center of our Selves...the place we can always return to...where true happiness abides and becomes eternal bliss...

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